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БВ 2655 с локомотив 80 036 Хан Тервел


Bach Toccta D-Moll on 1000W Audio Tube Amplifier EL6471

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Another film of my Philips EL6471. For displaying the music, a 12W tubeamplifier is connected, for I have no 1000W-loudspeaker. The EL6471 works in a load resistor. It is now modulated to full power, as you can watch the needle of the meter going over 250mA (the next to last mark, lower scale) at 3000V per tube. The peak dc-power handeld by both tubes rises up to 1800W, about 1200W should then flow into the load-resistor. It was thrilling to me, making this video, you don´t know if something goes off the next moment...\r
Music: the organ of Notre Dame de Paris, Pierre Cochereau

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