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Overview & Waveform Review: Noiseken ESS-S3011 30kV ESD Simulator Gun

Brief rundown of the new high-end model 30kV ESD simulator offered by Noiseken. Self-calibration function, waveform overview and comparison to the comparable Teseq NSG 438 waveform as well as advanced programmability capabilities.

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Fundamentals of Electrostatic Discharge

Learn more:

Electromagnetic energy can cause unwanted effects such as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or damage, as with electrostatic discharge (ESD).

01:16 Electrostatic Discharge
03:39 ESD Impact on ICs
09:37 ESD IC Protection Structures
15:15 ESD Safety
19:27 ESD Models
25:32 Maxim's ESD Protection Information

ESS-S3011A : Product video full version





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